GemRock Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

Last weekend, we did an amazing photoshoot with the amazing Bryn Newman (@brynnewman) of Stone Fox Style. We picked the background of Mission Bay, San Francisco, for its polished industrial setting, which cannot be more perfect for the new GemRock collection.

On Bryn’s blog, she said “I am kind of crazy… in a good way”.  We couldn’t stop to wonder… how crazy? and what does she mean by “good way”?  But after spending a day with Bryn, we agree with her!  Bryn would make an exciting partner-in-crime if you ever want to have fun and paint the town, in this case – San Francisco.  Though we’d also say she the person you would want to have a nice brunch with on a Sunday morning.

It has been raining non-stop in San Francisco, but luckily, the rain stopped came the photoshoot day! #GodBless ! For this shoot, we again partnered with our favorite make-up artist – Anne Laporte (@annelaportedotcom), and our favorite Photographer – Jennymay Photography (@jenmayfoto).  They are great at what they do and we always have a good time together.

The outcome of the photoshoot? You just have to wait and see! In the meanwhile, here are some highlights from the day…

One could never have too many accessories…


Nor can one have too many shoes…


Anne is not fooling around when it comes to being professional.  Check out all the tools and color pallets she brought with her!


Don’t forget to have fun while at it!… (Jennymay hiding behind her camera in the back)

The star(s) of the day – GemRock jewels.  We love that every GemRock piece can be layered with each other or with almost everything else!

Jennymay taking some close-up shots.

Quote from Bryn “everyone should have at least one nice leather jacket.”  She is wearing her own Rebecca Minkoff Leather Jacket, similar here.

How about a close-up!

Bryn brought some Goorin Brothers‘ hats to go with the outfits.  They were perfect!

Everyone’s favorite of the day! Those Adidas Superstar adds a great touch

We absolutely love layering the matte and polished textures together on the Diamond Rock Rings

Andy doing some last minute adjustment.

L.O.V.E. this look! Jumpsuit by Oak + Fort (similiar here).  It is gorgeous!

Just check out the back of the jumpsuit!!

Thanks for Bryn & Andy for styling, Anne for her beautiful make-up, and Jennymay for the fantastic photos.  Couldn’t have done it without any of you.

and… that is a wrap!  Stay tune for the GemRock editorial photos and our Q&A with Bryn!


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