Rock that GemRock

We kicked off 2016 with a brand new collection – GemRock, designed by the very talented Yolanda Chiu.  The collection is made entirely of sterling silver material, a metal that Yolanda insisted on using in many of her own work.  The result is a 12 beautiful pieces that anyone can wear on everyday bases.

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Asscher Gem Necklace, Diamond Rock Bracelet

.Asscher Gem Bracelet

Diamond Rock Ring Polished & Matte

Asscher Gem Necklace, Asscher Gem Stud Earring

Diamond Rock Stud Earrings, Emerald Gem Necklace, Trillion Mini Ring Polished & Matte

Diamond Rock Hoop EarringsDiamond Rock Stud Earrings

Emerald Gem Necklace, Emerald Gem Double Ring

The pieces are also great for layering with your favorite jewelry that you already have.  Check out how Andy @andylencina layers her GemRock bracelet with her own bow bracelet.  We also like how she paired her silver jewelry with a gold watch for statement, then brings everything together with a leopard print clutch.  Perfect for a weekend brunch.  How would you rock your GemRock? Tag us on Instagram @Rail814 and use #GemRock.



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