Heartwatch x Claire George

If you have listened to Heartwatch, you would fall in love with their music immediately.  If you have met Claire, the lead singer of Heartwatch, you would fall in love with her, too.  I connected with Claire over a Rebecca Minkoff cross body clutch earlier this year.  It was nice to find out that in addition to her love for music, Claire is quite on top of the fashion trend.  I’d also say she is a bargain hunter after seeing some of her recent finds at Wasteland in Haights & Ashbury. 

Last month, I was invited to check out Claire’s performance at Neck of the Woods on Clement Street.  She was awesome on stage and got the crowd going.  It was also such a highlight to see her rocking GemRock jewelry on stage.  

Claire rocking it on stage, wearing Diamond Rock Hoop Earrings, Trillion Mini Rings Polished, Diamond Rock Ring Matte & Polished, Asscher Gem Bracelet

Claire and I (<3)

Claire and Heartwatch are hosting their self-titled album release concert at The Independent on Wednesday 2/24.  I got my tickets already and cannot wait! This will be the best time to check out Heartwatch’s music and have a good time.  They also recently just announce their tour schedule, check out more upcoming concerts, visit Heartwatch’s website: http://heartwatchmusic.com/

Here is our little Q&As with Claire while chatting up with fashion and her music:

[RAIL814]: What’s your favorite item in your closet right now?
[Claire]: I just got these amazing black patent leather Chelsea boots from Ganni in the UK. I can wear them with pretty much anything and they're SUPER comfortable. Seriously considering buying another pair! I also love my faux fur leopard print jacket I got at a second hand store in Portland while we were recording our record.

[RAIL814]: What’s your Favorite place to shop in San Francisco? And on-line?
[Claire]: I always find great pieces at Wasteland on Haight. I also love Azalea. Online, I love shopping on Asos because there is so much variety and there are a ton of awesome finds and they have free shipping to boot! 

[RAIL814]: What’s your inspiration for your music?
[Claire]: Lately I've been drawing a lot of inspiration from my personal experiences, specifically my relationships and the experience of trying to have a career as a musician. 

Check out some photos from our photoshoot with Claire in the lovely neighborhood of Laurel Height.  You can shop the jewelry that Claire wore in the photo here

Currently on repeat: Heartwatch - Faultline.  Listen to it live at The Independent on 2/24! By your ticket here.

Follow Claire on Instagram at @ClaireEliseGeroge

Follow Heartwatch on Instagram at @heartwatchmusic


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