Tropicalia Photoshoot at Conservatory of Flowers

It’s Saturday morning at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco, and we’re shooting our Tropicalia jewelry collection created by our designer, Diana Garcia! The Tropicalia collection was inspired by the wild elements of the Amazon jungle—making the conservatory the perfect place to shoot among it’s 1,750 species of plants and unusual, exotic flora from more than 50 countries. Stepping into the wood and glass greenhouse was absolutely breathtaking—almost as if we were being transported into another world! Take a look into the making of our photoshoot.

8:45 AM: The day starts early! Our team starts arriving at the conservatory. We immediately start organizing our wardrobe and star of the shoot, the jewelry. Our founder, Amy Shea; PR and marketing manager, Andy Lencina; and stylist, Josie Cabrera, review and discuss the final looks.

9:00 AM: Our beautiful model, Sterling Clairmont, arrives! There’s no time to waste — the talented makeup artist, Anne Leporte, starts working on Sterling right away. Anne focuses on creating a bold lip — it’s all about vibrant and colorful makeup to complement the jungle-inspired jewelry in the collection.

10:20 AM: Josie gets Sterling dressed in our first look. We’re transforming Sterling into an Amanzonian goddess!


10:40 AM: Diana, Amy, and Andy add the finishing touches — the stunning 18k gold jewelry from the Tropicalia collection.


11:00 AM: After our first look is shot, it’s time for our second set! After a quick hair change and re-touching of makeup from Anne, we’re ready to head back into the Conservatory. Our photographer, Jennymay, captures the perfect shot!


11:40 AM: It’s not all business and things get a little fun backstage! Our videographer, Theo Souza, is with us every step of the way — documenting behind-the-scenes footage. Theo takes the ultimate selfie shot with his 40 pound camera!


12:00 PM: Time for our next look and its all hands on deck! After another wardrobe and makeup change for Sterling, Amy gives direction for the next shot to showcase our Palmera statement choker and Apaporis bangle.


12:20 PM: The shoot is winding down, but there’s still a lot of work to be done! Mukkitu Hossain, our online marketing manager, looks over some paperwork as Anne adds some last minute touches to the last look of the shoot.


12:45 PM: Our team heads back into the Conservatory for our last shot of the day among the jungle-like and dense foliage. Sterling strikes a pose with our Caiman Secret necklace and Apaporis bangles as Theo and Jennymay take their final shots.


1:00 PM: Time for a quick review of the footage that Theo took! It’s exciting to see our collection in motion. Sterling really looks like she’s been transported to the Amazon jungle!


1:20 PM: It’s a wrap! Our looks and jewelry have been photographed and it’s time to pack up. As we head out of the event space there’s one last stop to make in the conservatory: the donation box! We are proud to contribute to the foundation in keeping this spectacular, living museum running.

Special Thanks To: The Conservatory of Flowers

We had such an wonderful time shooting at the Conservatory of Flowers! The Conservatory has such an amazing history—especially since it’s the oldest public wood and glass conservatory in North America! More than 130 years old to be exact. Not only it is the oldest building in Golden Gate Park, it is also a national historic landmark. Millions of people have visited the Conservatory of Flowers for it’s history, beauty, and education. We are honored to feature our Tropicalia collection in such spectacular setting and recommend everyone to make a visit to the Conservatory.

Credits: Shoot Photographer: Jennymay Villarete, Videographer: Theo Souza, Stylist: Josie Cabrera, Make-Up Artist: Anne Laporte, Model: Sterling Clairmont (SCOUT Models), Designer: Diana Garcia, Rail 814 Founder: Amy Shea, Rail 814 Marketing and PR Manager: Andy Lencina, Rail 814 Online Marketing Manager: Mukkitu Hossain.

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