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How a Design Comes to Life

Jewelry development process At Rail 814, we are proud to offer original designs that are truly ours. All jewelry pieces are hand sketched by designers and brought to life through a painstaking process.  By sharing our jewelry development process, you will look beyond the beautiful jewelries and see them as pieces of art that inspire you. To aspiring designers, I hope this blog post will help you in preparation for working with factories or developing in a team environment. Let’s walk through the journey of making the Tropicalia collection… A page from Diana's mood board Collection Concept The birth of a collection begins with a core concept.  My first question to the designer when developing a collection is always “what inspires...

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GemRock Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

Last weekend, we did an amazing photoshoot with the amazing Bryn Newman (@brynnewman) of Stone Fox Style. We picked the background of Mission Bay, San Francisco, for its polished industrial setting, which cannot be more perfect for the new GemRock collection. On Bryn’s blog, she said “I am kind of crazy… in a good way”.  We couldn’t stop to wonder… how crazy? and what does she mean by “good way”?  But after spending a day with Bryn, we agree with her!  Bryn would make an exciting partner-in-crime if you ever want to have fun and paint the town, in this case – San Francisco.  Though we’d also say she the person you would want to have a nice brunch with...

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