About us

Inspired by artistic talents of the community, RAIL [814] was established with the purpose of supporting the design community while providing one-of-a-kind fashion accessories. It ‘s a platform for emerging designers to create an exclusive, limited edition collection while enhancing shoppers’ connection with the designer through inspirational jewelry pieces.

Every piece is carefully hand-crafted by experienced artisans, so that we can provide the best quality and most unique products to our fans. Each design is original and created from the designer’s inspirations. Designs are produced through our direct manufacturers and sold exclusively through the RAIL [814] website.  For every purchase made, the designer will receive proceeds which they can contribute towards educational expenses or further invest in achieving their career goal.


Note from the Founder: 

Hi there! Thank you for learning more about RAIL [814]. After being in the fashion accessories industry for almost a decade, I’ve found that most women love to discover unique accessories that not only make them look and feel beautiful, but have stories that inspire them. I’m always looking for that unique piece that makes me feel just as special. Many years and craft fairs later, I realized there is a pool of young talents that are dying to be discovered.  However, due to the lack of business knowledge and finance, many of them do not have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Finally, I realized that I can fill that missing link between young talents and fashionistas. Thus, began RAIL [814] Fashion Incubator – a platform that provides a track for young designers to achieve their career goals, and offer well-made products to those who seek unique pieces with stories. Thank you, for being someone who longs to discover beautiful products. Also, thank you, on behalf of the designers, for the support and opportunity you are giving to them. Together, we will create the next generation of fashion designers.

Cheers, Amy