Yolanda Chiu

Yolanda Chiu
Yolanda was born and raised in Taiwan, a small island filled with vibrant history and culture.  Growing up, she was exposed to many artistic styles of different ethnic groups on the island. It was natural for Yolanda to become an artist because of her creative mind and her environmental influence. She found her artistic passion seven years ago and recently enrolled in Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA in pursuit of her MFA degree in Jewelry and Metal Arts.  While she is inspired by her daily life, Yolanda’s designs also are deeply reflected by her love for animals, geometrical shapes, ball-joint-dolls.  Her favorite metal to work with is sterling silver because of it's flexibility and durability.
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Yolanda's PortoflioYolanda's PortoflioYolanda's PortoflioYolanda's Portoflio

About Yolanda's GemRock Collection

GemRock Collection composed of various cuts of diamonds. The Collection was designed to reflect attributes of modern women– strong, confident, radiant, and unique. Yolanda also incorporated many facets in her designs to create an edgy and polished feel. Shop the collection